Top Tech Predictions for 2024

Walter Code
3 min readJan 11, 2024

As we step into the promising expanse of 2024, the pulse of technological innovation speeds up, promising to redefine and illuminate industries in ways previously unimagined.

In the wake of 2023’s explosive adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI), we find ourselves standing on the edge of a new era where the transformative power of technology touches nearly every aspect of our lives.

Our collective journey into this future is shaped by some tech predictions, here are some of them!

Augmented reality (AR) glasses become mainstream

In the near future, AR glasses will be as commonplace as smartphones, revolutionizing how we experience the world. Imagine receiving directions seamlessly overlaid on your real-world view or witnessing virtual objects interact with your surroundings. These glasses will provide an immersive, hands-free navigation experience and redefine how we work and entertain ourselves. From enhancing productivity to offering interactive storytelling experiences, AR glasses are set to seamlessly blend the virtual and physical realms, creating a more enriched daily experience.

Detachable Artificial Intelligence (AI) Will Protect Data

Companies should consider using large AI language models (LLMs) that rely on large external datasets but don’t want their own data exposed to the Internet. This innovative idea means you can snapshot a public LLM and then store it locally using edge computing for execution in an isolated environment.

The problem is that creating and training an LLM is very resource-intensive, so LLMs tend to run on expensive, high-end hardware that requires a lot of computing resources. This is also why Microsoft needed to finance and support OpenAI.

On the other hand, business users want to maintain control over their confidential and proprietary data and be able to use AI to train the model itself without letting their data be accessed.

Computer-Augmented Telemedicine Will Assist Healthcare Providers

With new AI/ML models aiding doctors in diagnosis and a shortage of healthcare professionals post-COVID, 2024 will witness an increase in healthcare hubs to complement traditional, in-person medicine. Self-service hubs can capture basic health metrics like weight and height, perform eye scans and utilize other biometric markers, providing initial wellness diagnoses and suggesting protocols for minor ailments.

These solutions leverage AI to identify common markers in preventative care, automatically escalating cases to a human doctor when vital measurements deviate from expected norms. This approach helps reduce the proportion of time doctors spend on non-critical activities and enhances overall healthcare efficiency.

Augmented Reality Advertising Will Replace Physical Billboards and Ads

The rise of VR/AR technologies in the mainstream is reshaping physical advertising. With the ability to create highly personalized and targeted campaigns, advertisers can deliver immersive content tailored to individual preferences. This shift towards personalized advertising not only enhances engagement but also provides valuable data for real-time campaign optimization. The convergence of VR/AR and physical advertising offers new creative possibilities, demanding marketers to adapt and capitalize on these immersive technologies for more effective brand experiences in the physical world.


Stepping into 2024, we stand on the brink of transformative technological advancements that will redefine our daily experiences. This journey is both thrilling and crucial, emphasizing the need to fully embrace and adapt to the power of innovation. As we navigate this dynamic landscape, the ability to harness emerging technologies becomes a key factor in shaping a future where innovation is central to progress. In 2024, the call is not just to witness change but to actively participate in and contribute to the ongoing narrative of technological evolution.