SERVERLESS — Attractive Engineering Practice

What is Serverless?

Why is Serverless attractive?

What is Serverless Architecture?

Why Serverless Encourages Useful Engineering Practices?

Serverless encourages components that do ONE thing

It enforces self-contained execution environments

More frequent deployments are encouraged

It promotes the security principle of least privilege

It allows you to achieve high availability and fault tolerance easily

Serverless Infrastructure as Code

Encourages using existing battle-tested components

  • Do you need a message queue? Use SQS.
  • Do you need to send notifications? Use SNS.
  • Do you need to handle secrets? Use Secrets Manager.
  • Do you need to build a REST API? Use API Gateway.
  • Do you need to manage permissions or user access? Use IAM or Cognito.
  • Do you need to store some key-value pairs or data objects? Use DynamoDB or simply dump data to S3.




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