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The importance of giving young people the opportunity to show their talent is huge, and at Walter Code, we are committed to providing a nurturing platform for aspiring individuals to thrive.

Our internship programs exemplify this dedication by empowering the next generation with valuable experiences and practical knowledge that foster personal and professional growth.

Recently, two inspiring interns, Dževad and Ahmed, finished their internship journey in our company by mastering React.

Dževad’s journey as an in-office intern, allowed him to experience our dynamic work culture firsthand, immersing himself in collaborative projects and learning from experienced developers.

Meanwhile, Ahmed’s remote learning experience showcased how we extend opportunities beyond geographical barriers, enabling young enthusiasts from different corners of the world to participate and excel.

These two hard working guys shared their internship experience at our company through an interview. First, we spoke with Dževad, who, due to his proximity to our office in Mostar, had the opportunity to spend time with our Mostar colleagues.

Interview with Dževad Kohnić:

Can you tell us a little about yourself and your background before joining Walter Code?

My name is Dževad, an Information technology enthusiast who loves designing websites and developing e-shops using open-source content management systems. I enjoy blending creativity and functionality to create user-friendly digital experiences. Continuous learning and staying up-to-date with the latest technologies drive me to make a positive impact in the field of technology

What motivated you to apply for an internship at Walter Code?

Walter Code has a reputation for being an innovative and dynamic company, known for its cutting-edge projects and supportive work culture. I wanted to be part of a team that embraces creativity, encourages personal growth, and allows individuals to make a genuine impact. The opportunity to work with skilled professionals while contributing to meaningful projects drew me to apply for the internship.

During your internship at Walter Code, what projects did you work on, and what were some challenges you faced?

During this internship program, I expanded my knowledge of technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React. The main task was to create a fully responsive NEWS WEBSITE. It was a valuable experience that allowed me to apply my skills in web development and gain hands-on experience in building dynamic and adaptable websites. I enjoyed the challenge of making the website accessible and user-friendly across various devices, ensuring a seamless experience for all visitors.

This internship has further fueled my passion for web development, and I look forward to taking on more exciting projects in the future.

How did the team at Walter Code support you during your internship?

The team at Walter Code was incredibly supportive and nurturing. From day one, they made me feel like an integral part of the team and encouraged me to ask questions and seek help when needed. I was assigned a mentor who guided me throughout the internship, providing valuable feedback and insights. They created an environment where I felt comfortable stepping out of my comfort zone and taking on new challenges.

What were some of the most significant lessons you learned during your internship?

One of the most profound lessons I learned was the importance of continuous learning and adaptability. Technology is constantly evolving, and to stay relevant, one must be open to learning new skills and staying updated with industry trends. I also discovered the value of teamwork and effective communication, as collaborating with others often leads to better solutions and a more enriching experience.

How has your internship at Walter Code influenced your future career goals?

My internship at Walter Code has had a profound impact on my career aspirations. It solidified my passion for software engineering and reinforced my desire to pursue a career in this field.

The exposure to real-world projects and the mentorship I received inspired me to keep striving for excellence and to contribute positively to the tech industry.

In the second interview, we spoke with Ahmed. He also did a React internship in our company, but unlike Dževad, Ahmed did a distance learning internship, so among other things, we talked with him about that topic, what was his experience with a distance learning internship.

Interview with Ahmed Sinanović:

Can you share a bit about your background and experiences before starting your current internship role?

From my early days, computers have always played a significant role in my life. However, it was during my high school years that I truly discovered my passion for programming, and I knew that this was the path I wanted to pursue. As I progressed through my academic journey I was faced with the decision of choosing a specific path in software engineering and web development emerged as a fascinating option.

I started exploring various courses, and tutorials, and seeking guidance from professors at the university. The dynamic nature of web development kept me motivated to continuously learn and adapt to evolving technologies.

What factors inspired you to pursue an internship opportunity with us at Walter Code?

From the moment I first heard about Walter Code at a jobfair in Sarajevo, I was immediately captivated by the company’s reputation for professionalism and its strong emphasis on fostering a positive and supportive culture. The more I learned about Walter Code projects and values, the more I was convinced that it was the perfect place for me to continue my learning journey.

Applying for the internship was a natural step, as I saw it as the perfect place to gain valuable experience and the opportunity to grow as a software developer.

During your internship at Walter Code, how did the team provide support and guidance to help you succeed in your role?

From the very first day of the internship, I felt incredibly welcomed. Although the internship was remote, everything went smoothly, thanks to my amazing mentor Eldin Graho. He was always there to offer help and guidance even beyond regular working hours. His assistance made the experience highly rewarding.

Throughout your internship experience, what were some of the most valuable and impactful lessons that you learned?

Apart from gaining technical knowledge, my internship provided me with valuable insights into the real-life processes of software development. Prior to this experience, I primarily worked on personal projects and without receiving code reviews I was never 100% sure that my code was the best as it could be.

During the internship, I learned the immense value of code reviews, which not only made the coding process more rewarding but also significantly boosted my confidence in writing code.

How did you set up your remote workspace during the distance learning internship, and what tools did you use to communicate with your team?

Distance learning wasn’t a significant challenge for me as I was already accustomed to it on my faculty due to the pandemic, so I didn’t have to alter my workspace much.

As for communication we used Slack and Google Meet. Google Meet was used for our weekly meetings where we discussed our progress from the past week and planned our tasks for the upcoming week.

How did you stay motivated throughout the internship, considering the lack of in-person interactions and the remote nature of the program?

The remote nature of this program didn’t impact my motivation. I viewed this internship as an opportunity to learn something new and improve my skills. I gave my best effort and tried to use this internship in the best way possible, and I believe I succeeded in doing so. I feel that my knowledge has improved, and I gained valuable insights into real-life software development.

What was the biggest challenge you faced during the internship, and how did you overcome it?

I would assume that the biggest challenge during remote learning or work in general would be reaching people and colleagues, but as I mentioned above I didn’t have that problem because my mentor was there for me whenever I needed help or opinion on my code or project ideas in general.

What valuable skills or knowledge did you gain from this internship that you believe will be helpful for future remote work opportunities?

I gained valuable time management, communication, and remote project management skills, which I believe will be highly beneficial for future remote work opportunities. I also realized that remote work can be just as productive as working in an office.

In conclusion, Dževad and Ahmed’s internship experiences at Walter Code showcase the company’s commitment to nurturing young talents and providing valuable opportunities. Their dedication and enthusiasm for React development, whether in-office or through distance learning, have contributed to their personal growth and strengthened their passion for web development.

As they continue on their career paths, they carry with them valuable lessons, technical skills, and the confidence to excel in the dynamic world of technology. Walter Code is proud to have been a part of their journeys and looks forward to empowering more aspiring individuals in the future.



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