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Our education is the only thing that we can keep at all times. We, at Walter Code, have accepted this as a fact, and have developed to fit that thought into our work. That’s why you’re reading this article. We are living in a time where the industry is fast-evolving, trends are quickly changing and the need for constant increase in knowledge is a necessity and not a luxury.

Our goal with this Medium is to provide a platform to make access to new, and relevant information and tips from the IT industry, easier.

And we’ll start with:

10 useful tools for programmers, designers, and other IT professionals to use, for free!

We have a lot of IT people on our team, so we came up with a list of free tools that might help them on their next project! Whether you’re a graphic designer looking for inspiration, or a programmer stuck on a line of code, these free tools might be helpful. So, let’s jump right in!

1. Feather Icons

A source for more icons is always handy. A collection of open-source icons designed on a 24x24 grid, matching, clean, and simple design.


Useful bits and examples of code, elements, attributes, and selectors. All in one place!

3. Smartmockups

A free-to-use mockup maker. Create previews of your products and present your project in different contexts!


Now this one comes in quite handy. Remove the background on any picture, automatically, a click away.

5. GTmetrix

Test the speed of your website. Using PageSpeed and Yslow, GTmetrix measures and gives instant feedback on how to resolve and speed up your page!

6. Free CSS

More than 3000 website templates, all in CSS, open-source, or under a creative commons license! Your next source of inspiration might be right at your fingertips.


To create adaptive interface systems, add dynamic themes through Adaptive UI and make your website stand out that bit more, look for solutions on

8. DevSamples

Struggling with ideas, or just stuck on a bug? You’ll find samples of codes ready to be used, a click away. Web development is the priority on this one, but you can find patterns for various programming languages!

9. Blender

Whether you’re just starting out 3D modeling, or you’re an experienced creator, Blender might come in handy, and that’s why we have it on this list!

10. UI Garage

Last but not least, a daily dose of inspiration and patterns of user interface design, for designers and developers along with some new ideas for tools and resources for your next project!

That wraps it up for this “useful tools, for free” list. We hope that you’ve found something new and useful! And if you have some knowledge of helpful tools, share it with the rest of us!

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