We, humans, organize ourselves within society. Oftentimes, there are hierarchies amongst ourselves, everything is laid out top to bottom.

Top-to-bottom leadership

On the example of countries, we can see the usual pattern for hierarchy. It all starts with the ruler, a leader, a president. Then, the governor, who’s basically a regional ruler. We have the local ruler after, that would be a mayor in a country. At last, the local people.

This perspective, this type of organizing within a society, is quite traditional, it’s something we have accustomed ourselves to and it seems perfectly fine to use the same template to organize other levels of society.

We have tons of examples of companies organized in such a traditional manner, but that’s not why we’re here for! It’s a modern world we live in, with modern technology, modern trends, modern opinions. Then why not update the traditional way of doing things in business? It’s difficult to say if the traditional way is good because we don’t have anything to compare it to.

Well, within the software industry, there is an understanding that the person doing the job knows best how to do it. It’s basically saying that the ones involved in day-to-day processes, with clients, are the ones who understand them best and thus they should deal with ’em. In a real society, politics help organize, but within a company, we have a chance to step away from politics and build our own society. And it’s everyone’s job to shape the culture of the society.

Whether you’re in a management position or a developer, there are steps you can do to better the culture within the company. Depending on your role, you can change the way you do things. Modernize them. Keep your developers free from the influence of external pressure, let them focus on their work. Have them explain what they believe is the best approach to the solution. Make it mandatory to report to the team, not the manager. Also, be a part of the team. Give praise when praise is due, but praise the individual and the team, not the project or the general act.

Let’s not insist to defend the traditional, outdated mindset. Experiment, try, innovate, do it all to break boundaries, and create something meaningful. When it is possible to create a nurturing, supportive environment, don’t shy away from it, run at the possibility!

At Walter Code we are quite proud for setting up a culture that values knowledge sharing and meticulous work but offers a chance to unwind, recognizing that we’re all humans and have capabilities and needs.

We are aiming towards the future, we innovate each step of the way, breaking the boundaries of traditional as we go.

As we say: “The future belongs to those who initiate innovation, inspire transformation, encourage collaboration and invest in education.”

If you believe that modern companies require a look away from traditional, and if you find yourself in some of the qualities that we value, do check out our open positions, we are always on the hunt for employees that share and fit our company culture!


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