Brand Building — meaning, importance, and the process.

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6 min readFeb 23, 2022

Brand Building is generating awareness, establishing and promoting organization mistreatment methods and tactics. In alternative words, brand building is enhancing brand equity using advertising campaigns and promotional strategies. Branding may be a crucial side of the corporate as a result of the visual voice of the company. The goal of brand building is to make a recognizable image of the company.

A brand, in simple terms, is the way customers see your company. Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, said it even more simply: “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room”.

The initial phases of designing our mascot!

Importance of Brand Building

Brand building can start with a well-thought-out brand identity that can help create a strong brand image that goes a long way in solidifying the brand. Brand-building includes creating value for consumers who perceive, think, and know your brand. Three famous types of brands are recognized:

Product brand: A physical product or articles or goods are a product brand. Brand building ensures that the customer receives a good quality product along with good brand visibility, packaging, warranty, etc. All this cumulatively contributes to brand building.

Servicemark: An intangible offer is a service mark such as telecommunication services, e-commerce, etc. In this case, the construction of the brand depends mainly on the experience acquired by the customer. — this is the area where Walter Code implements most of its services as a consulting company.

Retail brand: Retail brands are a combination of services and products i. The products are sold through a service offering. The construction of the brand must therefore guarantee a good customer experience and high-quality products.

The flat version of our mascot, taking shape!

Process of Brand building

There is no definite way of brand building. Brand building requires innovation, creativity, correct value proposition, constant monitoring & ensuring a good customer experience.

The steps involved in building a brand are:

Describe your brand: The first step in creating a brand is to describe the brand. This can be done through the product description, packaging, logos, etc. The way a brand is defined builds brand equity and forms the foundation of customer perception. Walter Code has a couple of tools that it uses to build the brand. Recognizable robot mascot, our unique colors, and the message we try to convey all go a long way in building a brand.

Breaking boundaries is our methodology. We accept changes as we are constantly learning new things, gaining new experiences, and connecting with new people. We are innovative thinkers and creative problem solvers, working with our clients to find opportunities inside the actual challenges.

The mission, vision, and values of a company further develop its brand. The message that the company tries to spread via its social media and other tools of communication is closely tied to the brand itself.

Brand differentiation and positioning: Once a product or service is created, the brand must differentiate itself from the competition with a certain competitive advantage. Additionally, proper brand positioning is an essential part of brand building. Walter Code, among other things, is keen on promoting its people as the unique competitive advantage. We approach our employees and value them as a way of rewarding their neverending efforts and loyalty. Breaking boundaries between industry and technology would not be possible without people, and our people are a further extension of our values.

Brand promotion: Brand advertising and promotion can be done via television, social media, print ads, online advertising, conferences, real-life events, etc. It is one of the most important pillars of brand building as it helps to build brand awareness. Good communication and effective use of media channels can help build a strong brand and strengthen brand loyalty.

Using social networks Walter Code promotes its brand by creating various types of content and value. Through our publications, we try to additionally communicate our values, further spread the word of current and upcoming trends from the IT industry, and share the stories of our employees.

Personalize the brand: Building a brand can be effective if a customer feels connected to it. Therefore, giving the client a personal touch, through innovation, action, and personalization can help build a stronger perception in the customer’s mind. The use of up-to-date technology, innovative thinking in the way that technology can be incorporated, and employees that go the extra mile to understand your needs and requirements are some of the tools in which we create a personal connection with our clients.

Evaluate the brand: A company needs to continue to monitor and evaluate the performance of its products, services, and brands. Thus, evaluating and reviewing a brand is an essential part of brand building. Basically, it means that analytics and statistics can be very useful in evaluating your brand.

At Walter Code, our data is our friend! The overview of the statistics goes a long way in helping brands recognize what exactly gives value to their followers, clients included. The goal is to implement changes after re-evaluating the feedback obtained. The constant change in regards to the feedback is positive.

A 3D, high-detail render of our mascot enjoying a sunny day :)

Brand building strategies

Brand building strategies should be adopted according to the message you want to spread, which helps create and differentiate brand value and develop the right impression for the company that really sets it apart.

Depending on your brand-building exercises, your brand may grow, stagnate, or shrink over time. In the brand cycle, there is a continuous need to bring new strategies, events, and activities that deliver on the brand promise.

Consumers are co-creators of the brand, so their preferences and demands must be met and strategies must be designed with consumers in mind. Creating a unique and powerful brand takes time and consistency. Brand building is, therefore, an integral part of business development and involves various strategies and tactics over time.

When considering brand-building strategies, the overall business strategy plays an important part. The target client group that you’ve identified also plays a key role in deciding the path you’ll be taking your brand on. Then again, there’s a lot of development that takes place, from developing your brand positioning to suit the target market and audience, to the details that are your name, logo, tagline, etc.

We also have the channels that you use to communicate with your target audience to take into account. Is your content suited for Instagram, i.e — short, interesting, down to the point, or perhaps LinkedIn — where you need to have a more “professional” approach to the way you share the content, it all depends on what your end goal is, and of course — your audience!

The goal of this blog post was not to show you how things should and shouldn’t be done, the goal was to show you a way to build your brand, not the only correct one, but one of them! We hope you enjoyed the personalized preview of some of the strategies we use in our brand building, and we hope you learned something new and useful for your brand building needs!