Blue Monday

Supposedly, the most depressing day of the year is today, and it’s dubbed “Blue Monday”.

But why is this particular Monday referred to as the “most depressing day”?

Well, back in 2005, Sky Travel used an equation to try to calculate what the saddest day of the year was using elements such as weather, debt levels, time since Christmas, and motivation.

The date it supposedly produced was the third Monday of January, which this year falls on January 17. Even though it was a term created for a press release, psychologists say there is something to it.

However, we refuse to be let down! Instead, it’s additional motivation for us to strive towards our goals even more, and we want to share with you some moments of happiness that Walter Code employees have made even more special, as to provide some extra joy today!

So, take a look at this brief throwback to some smiling moments of 2022!




Breaking boundaries between industry and technology.

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Walter Code

Walter Code

Breaking boundaries between industry and technology.

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