AI in Action: 5 Must-Have Marketing Tools for 2024

Walter Code
3 min readFeb 1, 2024

Marketing is evolving rapidly, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when deciding where to focus your efforts for the best results. With a multitude of AI tools available, figuring out which ones are truly effective can be a challenge.

Today, we’re here to simplify things for you by introducing five standout AI tools that are worth your attention. Notably, none of them includes the commonly known CHATGPT and DALL·E, ensuring a fresh perspective.

So, let’s dive into the world of these essential AI tools and discover how they can elevate your marketing game.

1. OpusClip: Transforming Long Videos into Captivating Shorts

Opus Clip is a game-changing AI video clipping tool designed to analyze and repurpose lengthy videos into engaging shorts effortlessly. With over 97% accuracy in automatic captioning, it saves time for content creators and marketers. Its 7-day free trial on the Pro Plan, supporting multiple languages, makes it an indispensable asset for video podcasts, educational content, and product reviews.

2. Adobe Firefly: Revolutionizing Visual Content Creation

Explore new fashion styles and outfit ideas with Adobe Firefly, an innovative AI tool that allows users to modify clothing and backgrounds in images seamlessly. Leveraging generative AI, this online tool empowers users to transform images creatively, making it a valuable asset for fashion enthusiasts, designers, and content creators.

3. Heygen: AI Video Generation for Effortless Creativity

Heygen is a powerful AI video generation platform that effortlessly transforms text into professional videos. With features like explainer videos, demos, tutorials, and custom avatars, Heygen takes video creation to the next level. The mind-blowing addition, Video Translate, allows users to dub videos in seven languages, emphasizing ethical AI use and transparency.

4. Personalized Videos at Scale

Revolutionize your video marketing with, an AI-powered video creation platform. Using generative AI technology, it enables users to create personalized videos at scale without the need for specialized software. offers a range of features, including the creation of explainer videos, demos, tutorials, and custom avatars, and it is suitable for various industries, including healthcare, finance, education, entertainment, and politics. The ability to record once and generate multiple videos with different scripts makes it a game-changer for various industries.

5. Integrating ChatGPT for Enhanced Productivity takes AI integration to the next level by incorporating ChatGPT into spreadsheet applications like Google Sheets and Excel. This user-friendly and cost-effective tool streamlines workflows and enhances productivity, making it ideal for content creation, marketing, and data organization across different industries.

As we navigate the dynamic landscape of marketing in 2024, these AI tools promise to redefine how we approach content creation, video marketing, and collaboration. Embrace these cutting-edge technologies, sidestep common pitfalls, and stay ahead of the competition in the dynamic landscape of marketing.